2017 NBSTRN Network Meeting Presentations

Thank you to all for attending and participating in the 2017 NBSTRN Network Meeting, held June 1-2, 2017 in Washington, DC. The day in half meeting showcased NBSTRN's newborn screening research tools, data from ongoing and future pilots in NBS and new and emerging public health projects. We hope you found the meeting to be informative and worthwhile. 

Below you will find presentations from the speakers at the 2017 NBSTRN Network Meeting:

NBSTRN Overview- Michael Watson

The Current Dilemma of Krabbe Disease Newborn Screening: Can it be Solved? Thomas Langan

A Pilot of Rapid Whole Genome Sequencing Demonstrates Improvement in Care- David Dimmock 

The Clinical Genome Resource, Storage Diseases, and Newborn Screening- Robert Steiner

Sequencing in Newborns: Studies of Utility in the Public Health Setting- Cynthia Powell

SPOT SMA LPDR: A Longitudinal Data Repository for SMA to Facilitate NBS Efforts- Kathryn Swoboda

Identification of Biomarkers to Predict Severe Disease in Newborns Diagnosed with MPS I- Lynda Polgreen

Screening for Lead and other Heavy Metals in Newborn Screening Bloodspots Using ICPMS: A Pilot Project in Pennsylvania- Jerry Vockley

Georgia NBS Implementation Studies for Pompe and MPS I: Interpretation and Performance- Patricia Hall

Connecticut Newborn Screening for X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy- Adrienne Manning

Diet and the CPT1A Arctic Variant: Impact on the Health of Alaska Native Children- David Koeller

NBSTRN: A Overview and Demonstration of Data Discovery Tools to Share Research Findings and Foster Collaboration- Susan Berry

Newborn Hearing Screening: The Missing Pieces to the Puzzle- Eliot Shearer

National Pilot Study System for Newborn Screening- Michael Watson

NBS ELSI Update- Aaron Goldenberg

Screening Newborns for Late Onset Diseases: Should We or Shouldn’t We?- Melissa Wasserstein 

Updates from NICHD- Melissa Parisi

Updates from NHGRI- Anastasia Wise

NCATS Translational Medicine Funding Opportunities- Tiina Urv                                                          

Published On: 
Wednesday, June 14, 2017